Chairman's speech

Dear friends,

        How do you do!Twenty years of wind and rain, twenty years like a song。With the rapid development of the architectural decoration industry, the hard-working and kind-hearted Ruiyuan people have exchanged the development opportunities with their hard sweat and high passion and won the market position。Through the wind and rain, the experience makes Ruiyuan decoration with an annual production capacity of more than 1 million square meters of doors and Windows curtain wall products, with metal doors and Windows, curtain walls, decoration and other first-level qualifications, become a well-known construction force and well-known subcontractor in the door and window curtain wall decoration industry。With the expansion of the company in real estate, steel structure, intelligence, decoration and other business fields, Ruiyuan decoration is transforming into a comprehensive enterprise based on door and window curtain wall decoration and supported by related diversified industries。

       We are persistent, we forge ahead。Ruiyuan decorator will continue to write a new brilliant career with tireless climbing spirit,On the way forward,Ruiyuan decoration will continue to adhere to the core concept of "heart, with feelings to serve customers",Abide by the "sincere communication and win-win cooperation" spirit of enterprise,In line with the enterprise mission of "leading superior space",Follow the market pace and industry trends,Adhere to technological innovation and management innovation,Create more quality projects for customers,Provide continuous power for the long-term harmonious development of enterprises。

        Think of the source of drinking water and be grateful。It is with the care of customers, suppliers, employees and other friends from all walks of life, Ruiyuan decoration has today's industry position, and the road ahead is becoming wider and more practical。Here, on behalf of the board of directors of the company to give Ruiyuan decoration strong support and care of new and old friends from all walks of life to express heartfelt thanks!And look forward to the friends of Ruiyuan decoration as always attention and support。

        Looking forward to the future, Ruiyuan decoration will adhere to creating a "strength, integrity, high quality, responsible" corporate image, strive to pursue more cooperation with customers and suppliers, and partners together through thick and thick, hand in hand into a new era。   


Jiangxi Ruiyuan decoration Co., LTD. Chairman Tu Yuanrong